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ProTailored Physical Therapy Corporate Sponsorship

ProTailored Physical Therapy based out of Fort Wayne is one of the top five corporate sponsors of our local Safe Families chapter!  This organization allows us to continue providing support to families in our community by funding a portion of our operating expenses.  

Sadly, there are many families in our community who don’t have a support system or resources when times get hard.  This very often results in tragic consequences for children who face an increased risk of abuse and in many cases get taken by child welfare.  But what if loving people stepped in before this happened?  That’s what Safe Families is all about.  Our key mission is to surround families in crisis with a caring and compassionate community of people who share God’s love. 

We have a few ways we seek to accomplish this mission: 

  • Child abuse prevention – Every child should be safe and protected.  We have volunteer host families (serving through their local church) who open their homes to children in need of a safe place to stay for varying amounts of time- we’ve had approximately 700 hostings since our chapter began in 2013! 
  • Family support and stabilization – Our volunteer family coaches (also serving through their local church) mentor parents and help them set goals while their children stay with our host families.  This compassionate coaching helps parents better care for their children and provides a network of continuing support from Safe Families. 
  • Child welfare deflection – We want to help keep families together!  By proactively responding and stepping into the lives of parents who are going through a crisis (homelessness, financial difficulties, medical emergencies, etc.), we hope to prevent the last resort of foster care and keep children together with their parents when possible. 
  • Share the love of Jesus and hope of the Gospel – Most importantly, we seek to share Christ’s love and compassion with the families we serve.  

By covering a portion of our operating expenses, ProTailored is helping us sustain this ministry to vulnerable families and provide a safe and loving environment for children to stay as well as compassionate coaching for parents.  We would like to thank ProTailored for their continued support – it’s always great to partner with such an excellent, community-minded organization!  You can visit the ProTailored website to learn more about them at